Real Estate Marketing Plan

When you list your property with BEX Realty, we will define a customized marketing plan that is appropriate for your particular property. In the last 24 months we have sold over 1.2 billion dollars’ worth of property with over 200 qualified agents around the state. Our marketing strategies include the following:

Unrivaled Internet Marketing

Internet communications are changing the way homes are bought and sold today. It is estimated that as high as 80%-90% of home buyers now begin their search online. As an Internet-savvy real estate organization, we know how to harness the power of technology to market your home on the Worldwide Web and have it seen by more of today’s Internet-savvy buyers. typically enjoys top placement in most communities for Google, Yahoo!, Bing and all other major search engines for most relevant key phrases. As a result, our website receives over 15,000 visits per day, rivaling the largest statewide franchise sites and even some national sites. Our largest local competitors’ sites don't even receive a fraction of this traffic to their websites. Special placement of your home on our website will guarantee maximum exposure to today's sophisticated Internet buyers.

BEX has over 15,000 visitors to our site per day, with approximately 5000 returning registered visitors (the real measure of qualified buyers) looking at properties daily.

BEX Realty maintains an exclusive email list of thousands of active homebuyers who are actively looking to purchase homes. Direct email blasts announcing the listing of your home can be sent to those home buyers whose criteria indicate possible interest in your home.

BEX Realty syndicates all its listings to all major real estate portals including, Zillow, Trulia, as well as all IDX and VOW participating broker websites.

Broker Outreach

Email Campaigns: We have the ability to email your listing to all brokers who have listed and sold property in your community and the surrounding areas.

Reverse Prospecting: We have the ability to contact the agents who have emailed our listings to their customers through the MLS to gauge their level of interest.

Open Houses: We will host a Brokers Open House and Public Open House should the community and property require it.

Proper MLS Placement: Discount brokerage has been gaining popularity in recent years. This stems from a misguided belief that simply gaining access to and placing your home on the MLS is the single most valuable resource available to a licensed Realtor®. Technology has changed the way MLS systems operate as well. Similar to Internet search engines, simple inclusion in the MLS does not automatically mean your home will be noticed by other Realtors®. With over thousands of properties listed for sale in the MLS, it takes skillful positioning within the system to ensure that your property will gain the exposure it needs to get it sold. Once again, our 14 years of successful technical know-how, combined with our marketing expertise will ensure that the system is leveraged in a way that will make your home stand out from the rest.

Social Media Marketing

BEX Realty’s proprietary Facebook App has the unique ability to leverage the viral nature of social media to promote our exclusive listings to each of the over 200 BEX Realty’s agents own spheres of influence. This automated method targets audiences based on data we have collected long before you contemplated listing your home, readying us to hit the ground running the day you list with us.

We Bring The Buyers

There is a reason why we are known as the company who brings the buyers. Wholly 65% of the 1.2 billion of real estate BEX Realty sold in the last 24 months were buyer procurements. Compare that with our competitors – their ratio of buyers to sellers is typically the reverse, meaning they have many more listings than buyers, leaving them to rely on companies like BEX Realty to show and sell their listings.

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